UNIFI®’s versatile anti-odor solutions meet the growing consumer demand for odor-resistant properties across industries.

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Inherent odor protection

Our anti-odor technologies are inherent to the yarn, inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria for the lifetime of the fabric.

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Fiber with built-in odor control technology designed to last the lifetime of the product.

  • Prevents the development of odors in fabrics and products
  • Continuous performance for the lifetime of the product*
  • Conservation of water and energy due to less frequent launderings

Antimicrobial properties are embedded into our fiber and yarn to produce products that stay fresh and require less frequent laundering. A.M.Y. continuously inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, giving your products a longer lifespan and a reprieve on the environment. Offered as silver or zinc oxide based technology.

Produced in the Americas

Technology is inherent to the yarn

Works with Filament and Staple polyester / nylon

Suggested Industries
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Noun house and love 5054296 1
Noun industry 1781179 1
Noun medicine 1141915 1
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Variations available in:
  • REPREVE® (Recycled)
  • STANDARD (Virgin)
Offered As:
  • Silver Technology
  • Zinc Oxide Technology

*Lifetime of product is considered to be 50 launderings. A.M.Y. technology does not protect the wearer from bacteria. Unifi Manufacturing, Inc. makes no health claims and assumes no liability for the product’s inability to meet any customer’s expectation of performance, durability or applicability for medical or any other use.

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Many technologies can be combined. Contact a UNIFI sales representative for more information.

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