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Traceable, recycled performance fiber and resin

Made from post-consumer plastic and textile waste, REPREVE’s versatile formats and enhanced product technologies are changing the way brands make and consumers buy.

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Putting waste to use

Plastic Bottles

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We have transformed over 40 billion bottles into the world’s leading traceable, sustainable fiber. By collecting post-consumer plastic bottles, we divert them from the waste stream.

Ocean-Bound Plastic

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We collect plastic bottles within 50 km of waterways and coastal areas in developing regions, keeping them from entering the ocean.

Textile Waste

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We recycle post-industrial and post-consumer polyester waste into traceable, certified fiber, resin, and yarn.

Transparency through traceabilty

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FiberPrint® technologY

Every strand of REPREVE is embedded with FiberPrint, a proprietary tracer. This technology, like human DNA, shows the product’s origins and allows it to be verified with our U-TRUST® certification.

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U-Trust Certification

Transparency and traceability are critical in avoiding false environmental claims. U-TRUST verification provides customers and consumers the highest level of confidence.

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Find us in all major industries

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What’s your story?
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REPREVE tells a brand story. From recycling yesterday’s fashion trends to creating homeware that saves coastal communities from plastic pollution. We work with businesses to build unique connections with their consumer base. And because we’re traceable, our ability to calculate your impact leads to transparent ESG reporting.

Our REPREVE products

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Filament Yarn
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Spun Yarn
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Staple Fiber
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REPREVE is sourced, manufactured, and sold in every major textile region in the world. It’s the essential ingredient in many sustainable products.

REPREVE is transparent, traceable, and certified.

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