Inherent to the yarn, UNIFI®'s temperature control technologies are effective and long-lasting.

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Temperature management

From technologies that adapt to temperature changes to instant cool-to-touch applications, we offer both insulation and comfort.

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Yarn technology designed to give fabric or product an instant cooling sensation.

  • Cool to the touch in next-to-skin applications
  • Higher thermal effusivity values compared to standard polyester
  • Can be paired with other UNIFI® technologies

Chillsense™ transfers heat from the body to the fabric more quickly, creating a cool sensation to the touch. This is due to thermal effusivity, the rate at which material can absorb heat and is the standard indicator used to quantify how textiles feel to the touch. The higher its thermal effusivity, the cooler a material feels.

Produced Globally

Technology is inherent to the yarn

Works with Filament polyester

Suggested Industries
Noun apparel 1898271 1
Noun house and love 5054296 1
Variations available in:
  • REPREVE® (Recycled)
  • STANDARD (Virgin)

*Determination of Thermal Effusivity ASTM D7984-16. Standard for certification > 175.
**Performance benefits and claims are based on fabric construction.

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Fiber technology that keeps you comfortable no matter the weather.

  • Moisture-wicking
  • Thermal comfort
  • Year-round performance

Through the use of unique and inherent technology, TruTemp365 keeps the wearer comfortable with temperature changes, absorbing and wicking moisture in warm climates, while insulating your body heat in cooler environments.

Produced Globally

Technology is inherent to the yarn

Works with Filament, Spun, and Staple polyester / nylon

Suggested Industries
Noun apparel 1898271 1
Variations available in:
  • REPREVE® (Recycled)

*Moisture Management and thermal comfort based on the following test methods: AATCC 197 Vertical Wicking, AATCC 79, ASTM F1868, ASTM D3776. Ask your account manager for performance levels and details.

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Many technologies can be combined. Contact a UNIFI sales representative for more information.

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