Technical performance where it matters most. These technologies from UNIFI® are designed to provide the ultimate in protection.

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From embedded sun protection to flame retardant (FR) technology, our inherent-to-the yarn solutions have superior performance.

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Inherent flame retardant (FR) technology offers superior performance and durability.

  • Phosphorous-based, non-halogenated FR chemistry
  • Engineered and tested for performance in demanding applications
  • Delivering performance and durability versus topical chemistries

Inhibit offers FR performance where it matters most. Designed to quickly char to reduce flammable gases emitted and decreasing the propensity to burn.

Produced Globally

Technology is inherent to the yarn

Works with Filament and Staple polyester

Suggested Industries
Noun house and love 5054296 1
Variations available in:
  • REPREVE® (Recycled)
  • STANDARD (Virgin)
Offered As:
  • Inhibit
  • Inhibit Max

*It is the purchaser's sole responsibility to determine performance and composition of its applications of any Inhibit or other FR fiber. All purchasers of Inhibit or other FR fibers must sign a UNIFI Disclaimer and Acknowledgement form before purchasing any such fibers. To see a full list of warranties and claims, contact your account manager. NFPA 701-2004. IMO A.652 (16) 8.2&.3. Cal 117E CFR 1610. BFD 9-1. FMVSS 302. IMO A.688 (17) 5.5.1&2. ASTM E84.
**Performance benefits and claims are based on fabric construction.

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Constructed with protection in mind, a sunblock that doesn't wash out.

  • Shields against both UVA & UVB rays
  • Maintains 98% UPF rating in wet and dry performance fabrics
  • Up to 50+ UPF rating

UPF is to clothing as SPF is to sunscreen. With the sun's harmful rays, we're leveling up our defense. Mynx provides the raw materials for wearable technology that shields up to 50+ UPF.

Produced Globally

Technology is inherent to the yarn

Works with Filament and Staple polyester / nylon

Suggested Industries
Noun apparel 1898271 1
Noun house and love 5054296 1
Noun industry 1781179 1
Noun delivery truck 5790256 1
Variations available in:
  • REPREVE® (Recycled)
  • STANDARD (Virgin)

*Determination of UPF rating AATCC 183-2014. Determination of UPF value for Labeling ATSM D6603-12.
**Fabric construction and color directly influence absorption and reflectance of UVA and UVB rays.

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